Flat Plank Mods
Flat Plank Mods
Flat Plank Mods

Flat Plank Mods

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Update 02/21/19: We are out of stock of R3 Carbon white/gray caps! Restock expected mid to late April. Inventory levels have not been adjusted accordingly (yet). 

This is just the mods for a plank set. This set is flat - all keys are R3 profile. This will come with:

  • 18x 1u key in main color
  • 4x 1u keys of alternate color
  • 1x 2u key of alternate color
  • 1x 2u key of same color
For example:
  • 18x 1u carbon orange keys
  • 4x 1u carbon white keys
  • 1x 2u carbon white key
  • 1x 2u carbon orange key

There will be a few keys you don't end up using (5x at most), but you will have more options for where to put different colors. 

For kits where you only want one color - less keys are in those kits, and the price is lowered accordingly. For example, the carbon orange kit will come with 18x 1u keys, and 1x 2u keys (5x keys less than the example above). 

Some kits will not come with 2u keys. Their prices are adjusted accordingly, and their names will end with "no <color> 2u". 

Carbon orange kit on sale!