OhKeycaps Under Maintenance

We are taking a break to work on the backend and catch up with existing orders. Rest assured, we will be back in full swing soon! Below is a copy of our update on Reddit:


Note: We may start taking orders sooner, but will not be shipping out until July 6th!


OhKeycaps will not be taking orders for the next 2 weeks

If you already placed an order: don't worry. We're still taking care of you. There are several reasons I want to stop taking orders.

Orders & customer service backlog

Orders have increased dramatically over the past few months. Recently, I can barely keep up with orders and customer emails. Every day that I go into the office, I feel like I'm playing catch up.

I want to make sure all existing orders are taken care of, and customers are responded to.

Dactyl Keyboards

There are a lot of Dactyl cases at the office that need to be sent out. I need to do some inventory with all the dactyls, as well as onboard two (maybe three) new builders. We also are looking into speeding up our building process by giving builders the dactyls partially built. This is something I would like to work out for our builders to increase quality while also reducing the dactyl build time.

Website backend

There are a few changes that I want to make to the site, mostly having to do with SA Blanks. Without getting into too much detail: the inventory is off, and I need to do a thorough investigation as to how/why. When someone buys an SA Blanks Kit, it reduces inventory of individual keycaps. One of the kits must be off, so I have to essentially audit every kit.

I also want to add a feature so that color/size combinations of keycaps that do not exist, won't show up. Sometimes it is misleading when you select WCK here, and 7x profiles are available to click from, when really WCK is only available in 3x profiles. I have a solution, but need to implement it.

Other things I want to accomplish:

  • Using a new app that will theoretically get me better shipping rates internationally.
  • Restructure the menu, adding a DIY section and simplifying the menu (the one at the top of the page).
  • Add an FAQ section, at least for dactyls. We have one, but it is not robust. FAQ section for keycaps as well.

SA Arubian Sea

I've been dragging, but I want to finalize the IC and post it in the next two weeks. This is a really cool GB I've been wanting to do for a while. Let's get it done!

New Products

There are some products I have laying around that really need attention and I want to add to the site. This includes spending some time taking pictures, making listings, and buying some materials I need. This includes Sol 2 keyboards, GMK blanks, Artisans, and some grab bag keycaps

International Shipping

This has actually been implemented, but when we re-open, there will be better international shipping rates. We will even be able to collect all import taxes and fees upfront. Just for an idea, a small keycap kit will ship to Australia for $6.69!


I need to hire someone locally who can help me pack. Now that Illinois is opening up, I can safely hire someone to help me. I will need time to find and train someone.

Office/Warehouse Organization

I've been coming into the office and just throwing things around and it's been getting less organized and more messy. I need to spend some time to clean things up, organize, and put up some slatwall and label a lot of stuff. Especially if I am hiring someone (who may not know about mech keebs), they will need everything labeled.

I also need to do a lot of recounting of existing inventory, like ALL of my SA blanks.


I think I've broken a seat 2-3x in the past 2x months. I really need to get some exercise. I'd like to start biking again.


I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks, but in general, a lot of the work I am doing is so that customers will have a better experience. Less mistakes in orders, quicker ship-out time, faster responses at email, etc. I will still be on Discord daily and checking emails. Anyone who has placed an order already - you are my priority. There are some orders of SA Blanks which will have to wait to go out until the first week of July. I will be reaching out to several of you.

I want to thank everyone for their support and patience!