OhKeycaps Vacation and Updates


OhKeycaps is taking a short vacation, until 04/05/2021. Existing orders will continue to go out, but customer service will be limited. Dactyls will continue to be built. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped out after 04/05/2021.

SA Blanks Inventory

Most full kits are out of stock. For almost every color, there is at least one profile missing. We have ordered more SA keycaps, and we should be restocked by mid-June. We are also getting 4x new colors: yellow (YBP), light gray (GD), Maroon (from Sunday Morning), and Peach (from Sunday Morning). 

All SA kits/individual keys are undergoing maintenance right now. Going forward, we will not have 'pre-orders' on the same page that in-stock items are sold. They will be completely separate, so it will be very clear what is, and is not in stock. 

We are making improvements so that we have an accurate inventory and our stock is transparent to customers. Bookmark our SA Blanks Pre-Order page

DSA & F10

We are adding black/White DSA 1u/1.5u/2u caps to our collection. We are also adding black/white F10 keys. 


Dactyls are still backed up, especially hotswap dactyls. We are working hard at trying to get these out faster. More updates will be coming after the vacation.