Pre-built Dactyl Keyboard
Pre-built Dactyl Keyboard

Pre-built Dactyl Keyboard

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Pre-built Dactyl and Dactyl-Manuform keyboards! No hand-wiring or building required! 

How to Order

1. Pick your switches
2. Place Order
3. Fill out order customization form 
4. Join Discord channel
5. Get updates
6. Receive keyboard :)

Comes with little gel pads for the hand rests like these on Amazon

You will need:

  • Keycaps (will add link below soon)
  • TRRS cable (coming soon)
  • micro usb cable (coming soon)

Comes with:

  • Fully functional and tested Dactyl keyboard
  • Wrist rests with gel/cloth pads
  • LED underglow


  • TRRS interconnect
  • Micro-usb for main half
  • QMK

Other Info

Cases printed by /u/crystalhand
Build done by /u/SlipperyPeteED
Lubed switches by /u/deftrocker

And brought to you by Ohkeycaps! The only place to buy a pre-built hand-wired dactyl!

Watch /u/SlipperyPeteED build your board on his stream here:

does not come with keycaps!

These are built to order! Wait times may vary

Some cases will be made, but in most cases the case will have to be 3D printed, shipped, and then assembled. Come to the Discord channel for Dactyls:

You can expect frequent communications and updates throughout the build process!

 Zeal switches purchased directly from ZealPC