Sculpted Plank Mods
Sculpted Plank Mods
Sculpted Plank Mods

Sculpted Plank Mods

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Please read notes on the bottom!

02/21/19: Unless you are getting all orange, assume mid-May delivery. This listing is in progress of being updated. 

This is just the mods for a planck. Simply choose a color. Below is an example. This is what you would get in the "Carbon Orange/White" kit (which is the main picture):

 Quantity Profile Size Color
14 R3 1u Carbon Orange
4 R2/R4 1u Carbon Orange
4 R3 1u Carbon White
1 R3 2u Carbon Orange
1 R3 2u Carbon White


Kits that are only one color will come with 5x less keys. This is reflected in the price. All kits are sculpted!

Don't chose by picture - chose by item name.

Carbon orange on sale!

02/21/2019: R3 Carbon Gray and White, and R1 Carbon White keys are out of stock - ordered and ETA to be available again is first week of May 2019.

Also, gray 1u R3 caps are in very low stock! Flat alphas no longer available for gray, and gray/white gray/orange kits are also no longer available.

Anything marked as "Ships in May" - means the entire kit, including white 2u.