Dactyl and Dactyl Manuform FAQ

Do I need Keycaps? 
Yes! We have several options for keycaps here

Do I need cords?
Yes! All keyboards need a TRRS cable to connect the two halves of the keyboard. Then you also need a cable to connect to your computer. This would be a USB-C or Micro-USB cable.

Do the wrist rests detach? 
Yes and no. Technically you can take them off, but it might take some effort and opening of the case. 

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes! It can be expensive. There is an option to ship via Pirateship's custom rate. However it is similar to USPS first class, which is not fully trackable, and can take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Typically, international shipment of Dactyls costs around $40-$80. The Pirateship rate is around $25. 

What's the difference between dactyl and dactyl manuforms? 
It really comes down to the thumb cluster. On a dactyl, the thumb cluster curves up towards you. On the manuform, the thumb cluster curves away from you. 

Is hotswap available?
Yes they are! You can order one here.

Do LEDs shine through all case colors? 
The shine best thru transparent, white, and marble cases. You will get *some* shine-thru on darker cases, but it is not nearly as noticeable. 

Who should I contact about more questions I have?
You can email dactylkeyboards@ohkeycaps.com. You can also join the Discord and hop into the dactyl-manuform keyboard channel

When will my order be ready
Check out the status page to get a better idea