International Shipping Information FAQ


Our go-to provider to international shipping is Flavorcloud. These shipments will still use UPS/DHL/Fedex. For orders under $400, Flavorcloud will almost always be the cheapest option.

Flavorcloud Standard vs. Express

If you elect for Express, Flavorcloud will ship your package using UPS, Fedex, or DHL. So you will still be getting quality express shipping. 

Standard shipments use APC. Due to the nature of APC (we have to combine shipments together), standard international shipments have an additional 1-2 days of processing time, since we need to ship out standard international packages in bulk. 

The 5% International Order fee

All international orders will automatically have a 5% fee added on. This is because Flavorcloud charges a 6% commission based on order value. For larger orders, you may want to elect to use UPS/DHL rates directly. There are a few downsides to this (see below). If you elect to use non-Flavorcloud shipping, we will refund that 5% international fee. If you buy a hotswap dactyl for example, you will save money by using non-Flavorcloud shipping. However, you will have to take care of the duties yourself.

Why not save money on shipping and get UPS/DHL/USPS for a large order instead of using Flavorcloud? 

You MAY want to spend a little extra on Flavorcloud shipping, due to the fact that they collect the duties/vat/taxes up front, and they guarantee that you will not have to deal with taxes. This means less delay for your order to get to you. No back and forth emails trying to figure out why you are being overcharged by your country, etc. 

It's up to you if you would like to pay the duties later. It does make our job easier when you pay up front, but we will not force anyone to use Flavorcloud if it's more expensive.

How come I can ONLY choose Flavorcloud as a shipping option? 

You must be from the UK! Due to new regulations, duties HAVE to be collected up front for shipments to UK, and unfortunately Flavorcloud is the only way for us to accomplish this currently.