OhKeycaps' 3rd Party Sales

OhKeycaps' 3rd Party Sales

Oh, Keycaps!
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Items here have been approved by OhKeycaps. Items are new unless otherwise specified. These kits are shipped from Ohkeycaps' customers and affiliates. 

I have keycaps I want to sell? How do I sell it here? 

1. Reach out to the OhKeycaps Discord, and post in the buying-and-selling channel. https://discord.gg/JcsY3dC
2. Post a picture of your keycaps! If you are not an existing Ohkeycaps customer, and do not have rep on /r/mm, then we may require further verification
3. OhKeycaps will follow up with you about pricing. 
4. On sale, you will be sent a shipping label 
5. Payment will be sent via Paypal as soon as shipping starts tracking. 

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