New Product and Stock Updates

Current Stock

SA Blanks

We are out of stock of a lot of profiles/colors. We hope to have a full restock of existing colors with 12-14 weeks.

Elite-C, Proton-C

Elite-C stock is quite limited. As of now, they are mostly reserved for Dactyls. In 1-2 months we should have a full stock.
Proton-C: no ETA on when these will be available, likely not in 2022.

DSA Blanks

We are basically out of 1U in black for DSA. We will be restocking in 8-10 weeks, and we will attempt to keep the black/white DSA keycaps in stock.
As for Pink/Purple, we have a healthy stock for almost all sizes except the 2u purple, which we will restock in 8-10 weeks.

MG Wahtsy

We have about 20-25 kits left. This is a fantastic profile that IMO is severely underreated.

Incoming Stock

SA Shortbars

These are due to be in stock by the first week of April. All MoQ were met, and we even added a couple of sizes.

SA Blanks

As mentioned above, restock of missing colors in 12 - 14 weeks. No plan to add any new profiles/colors at the moment outside of SA Arubian Sea (see below)

XDA Blanks

I have found a manufacturer who will be sending me lots of 1u, 1.25u, and 1.5u XDA blanks in white and black. These will be in stock, and will be about half the price of our DSA keycaps (maybe even less).

KAT Blank Alphas

No official ETA on these. Trying to get a package shipped to me, these are already produced and waiting to be delivered to me.

New Projects and Group Buys

SA Arubian Sea

I expect to officially start the IC for Arubian Sea within the next two weeks! For this GB, we might be skipping out on the deskmats/cables/etc and just do keycaps only so we can get this GB done. Short lead time (less than 6 months, possible 4 months), high quality SP SA, great prices. You won’t have to buy lots of extra keys you don’t need. We will also potentially be offering significant price drops, but this has yet to be determined. We may or may not have international vendors for this GB.

Little Snappy

Little Snappy is a 3x4 macropad with 3x rotary encoders on the side. USB-C, 17x LEDs, encoders pre-soldered, hotswap. This is a solder-free build. We will have 9x prototypes for sale. Little Snappy will flashed with Vial - but can also be flashed with a keymap that is designed for lots of windows snapping (Windows only, sorry Mac/Linux users). Sign up here for notifications