Dactyl Rotary Encoder FAQ

Dactyl Rotary Encoder FAQ

What is the point of a rotary encoder? Why would I want one? 
They are actually really fun. The most common usages is to have them adjust volume, page up/down, changing RGB colors, etc. It can add a lot of functionality to a single key. 

How many encoders can I put on a dactyl? 
One on each side

Where can I put them? 
On a Dactyl - anywhere. On a manuform - any thumb key, the top row, or the bottom row. 

How do I program them? 
You will be able to use Vial to program the encoder. 

Do I have to use Vial? 
No. You can use our default firmware and program the code yourself

Can I change the knob if I want to get a different one in the future? 
Of course. You just need to make sure to get a plum shaft knob

What are my options for knobs? 
See the listing here for all the options

What do you mean the "knob needs to be higher for SA keycaps"? 
SA keycaps are taller than DSA keycaps. Typically, most people want encoders to sit a little higher than the keycaps around them so that they are easy to twist. 
Some knobs are adjustable, you can adjust them just by screwing/unscrewing with an allen wrench. However, there are a few knobs that are not adjustable, and would not sit taller than SA keycaps. 
For these knobs, we can put a little bit of glue inside the knob to force it to sit taller. It's a bit of a hack, but it can work. If you want this done, add it into the order notes for your dactyl. The image below is such an example, where the knob sticks up higher than an SA keycap after glue was added inside the knob.